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Make your brand more personable through easily digestible content with our Video Marketing service for B2B Startups and Small Businesses.

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Let us influence your audience with creative visuals

We create high-end informative business videos to promote and market your products and services. This increases engagement through your digital channels, whilst also educating your audience, and driving brand awareness.

As Google owns YouTube. Therefore, there is a huge ROI potential to improve your search engine ranking position, click-through rates and conversions. For example, with 5 billion videos watched every day, there are immense opportunities to reach and engage your target audience.

This makes video marketing a really attractive medium and likewise, a highly cost-effective solution

Video is mightier than the pen

Connect with your audience and extend your reach with creative story-telling videos.


Use Video Marketing for Product Reviews & Demos

95% of your message is retained when watching a video, compared to only 10% through text. And in a recent survey, 85% of online consumers said they are more likely to buy a product or service subsequently after watching a video demonstration.

See how our video, for a startup client, showcased how their software integrates with Microsoft Teams.

Video Marketing adds personality to your brand

Our Video Marketing service will show the personal side of your startup brand. In addition, it will connect with your audience emotionally through good story-telling.

Customer testimonials are more genuine when you can see the person and hear the authenticity in their voice. Therefore, creating a ‘Meet the Team’ series to have employees introduce themselves on camera is a highly effective way to promote your brand when combined with Social Media Marketing.

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Get truly creative with Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is the industry-standard tool for motion graphics and visual effects. Therefore, and not surprisingly, it is the preferred tool we use in-house. We use Adobe in post-production to great effect, enhancing the visuals and certainly giving your product the WOW factor.

We are highly experienced with Adobe After Effects having created multiple videos for Fortune 500 companies.

A Video Marketing service with a reputation for excellence

With years of experience in previously heading up the EMEA Digital Media Production team for a Fortune 500 company, our Creative Director knows exactly how to deliver your message succinctly and creatively through video.

From concept to storyboarding; post-production to publicising, we cover all aspects of your video production at an extremely cost-effective price.

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We take responsibility

Creating videos so businesses can make a real connection with you and your brand is a great opportunity to extend your reach through social media and search engines.

It is for this reason that our Video Marketing service can only be successful when aligned to and incorporated into, the rest of your Agile Digital Marketing strategy.

Therefore, we take full responsibility for the Video Marketing strategy for B2B startups and small businesses, and continuously evolve the service as your company grows.

Video Marketing Service for Startups and Small Businesses

Case Study

Product Launch Video

The client wanted a professional video to launch their new software integration with Microsoft Office with a limited budget.

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across multiple digital channels

Some of what we did…

  • Concept, storyboard and post-production
  • Identified suitable soundtrack
  • Scriptwriting and voiceover
  • Motion graphics
  • Created intro and sting (outro)
  • Created high-res imagery of the different product integrations
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from digital channels to inbound leads

All Services

What We Can Do

  • Concept
  • Storyboarding
  • Post-production (incl. sound editing)
  • Promotion through digital channels
  • Customised video stings
  • Voiceover work
  • Scriptwriting
  • Integrated Call-To-Actions
  • Animated graphics (Adobe AE)
  • Full motion graphics (Adobe AE)
  • Manage YouTube channels and playlists
  • Concept
  • Storyboarding
  • Post-production (incl. sound editing)
  • Promotion through digital channels
  • Customised video stings
  • Voiceover work
  • Script writing
  • Integrated Call-To-Actions
  • Animated graphics (Adobe AE)
  • Full motion graphics (Adobe AE)
  • Manage You-Tube channels and playlists

Our Video Marketing service creates easily digestible content for startups and small businesses. This engages your audience, and above all, reveals the personality of the brand that people will recognise and love.

Agile Digital Marketing

Are you a B2B Startup, or Small Business looking for rapid growth?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we just request this Video Marketing service?

I’m afraid not.

Our Video Marketing service is part of the overall package for managing your Agile Digital Marketing strategy. As a result, all our services are interlinked to deliver the most cost-effective and responsive digital marketing strategy.

Our ethos is to help you grow, not deliver a standalone service.

Why only provide a complete Agile Digital Marketing service?

We only work with B2B startups and small businesses looking to grow rapidly.

Depending on where you are in your growth cycle will determine which services you need right now and in the future. However, in the early stages of growth, it is vital that your go-to-market messaging is consistent across all services (web, content and communication).

Therefore, by taking responsibility for all your digital marketing activities we can guarantee clear and consistent messages to your target audience. It also means we can react at speed to any change in your business strategy.

How do I know if the Video Marketing service has been successful?

We will provide you with regular progress reports. In addition, we will also arrange regular meetings to discuss what they mean and how we could adapt the strategy based on the results.

Where can i find your package prices?

You can find our standard pricing packages here.

However, as we are an Agile Digital Marketing service, we tailor all packages around your specific needs and the budget you can afford.