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Increase web traffic and leads through targeted ads with our Search Engine Marketing service for B2B Startups and Small Businesses.

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Our agile approach to Search Engine Marketing will yield the most cost-effective results

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has many synonyms – for example, Search Engine Advertising (SEA), pay per click (PPC), and PPC advertising to name just a few. However, the purpose is the same – to drive traffic to your website through paid advertising on search engines.

At Three Billboards, we use an agile approach to provide highly cost-effective advertising for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (formally known as Bing Ads), so that we can deliver on an evolving strategy. If your digital marketing budget is limited, our Search Engine Marketing service for startups and small businesses can be used intermittently as a short-term strategy, therefore, targeting specific campaigns to deliver instant results.

Generating ads is FREE – you only pay once your ad is clicked.

Increase Click-Through-Rate

Significantly increase traffic with targeted ads on Google and Microsoft search engines.

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Choosing the right SEM Marketing strategy

Before beginning advertising on search engines, it’s important to be clear on your objectives. Whether it’s to drive more traffic to your website, improve your overall conversion rate, increase brand awareness or target a specific industry sector or group of countries, putting the right SEM Marketing strategy in place will yield the best results for you.

Agile & Optimised Search Engine Marketing

Whatever your strategy, we use an agile approach. In other words, we monitor and adjust your ads daily to ensure they are fully optimised and reach the right audience. As a result, this helps to reduce your website bounce rates, keep costs to a minimum and provides you with the best return on your investment.

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Ads & Campaign Tracking

All ads are highly competitive, tracked individually to measure their effectiveness, and adjusted accordingly depending on their level of success.

So whether you are a startup or small business, our Search Engine Marketing service will manage the running of multiple ads and track your campaigns providing progress reports.

Advanced Search Engine Marketing service

We can create dedicated landing pages on your website, linked to your ads, to encourage a specific action for specific marketing campaigns. Whether the action is to sign up for your newsletter, download an eBook, or generate enquiries on your product or services, we can help deliver the results you need.

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We take responsibility

Our Search Engine Marketing service is only successful when aligned to, and incorporated into, the rest of your Agile Digital Marketing Strategy.

Therefore, we take full responsibility for your online Ads, for B2B startups and small businesses and continuously evolve the service as your company grows.

Search Engine Marketing Service for Startups and Small Businesses

Case Study


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A client wanted to increase brand awareness of their Microsoft Teams integration app, and generate more leads for a single month.

Some of what we did…

  • budget = 500 Euro’s
  • duration = 1 month
  • created 2 campaigns on Microsoft Advertising
  • created 10 ads + extensions with dynamic text
  • piggy-backed on the Microsoft Teams keyword
  • linked ads to a new landing page
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(demo requests)

(statistics taken over 1 month)

All Services

What We Can Do

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Adjust to any budget
  • Align with SEO strategy
  • Eye-catching ads with dynamic text
  • Advanced SEA
  • Link landing pages
  • Optimise keywords
  • Daily monitoring and optimisation
  • Ads & extensions
  • Campaign tracking
  • Progress reports
  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Adjust to any budget
  • Align with SEO strategy
  • Eye-catching ads with dynamic text
  • Advanced SEA
  • Link landing pages
  • Optimise keywords
  • Daily monitoring and optimisation
  • Ads & extensions
  • Campaign tracking
  • Progress reports

Our Search Engine Marketing service uses a cost-effective strategy to reach the millions of individuals or businesses that could be interested in your product or service.

Agile Digital Marketing

Are you a B2B Startup, or Small Business looking for rapid growth?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we just request this SEM Marketing service?

I’m afraid not.

Our Search Engine Marketing service for Startups and Small Businesses is part of the overall package of managing your Agile Digital Marketing strategy. As a result, all our services are interlinked to deliver the most cost-effective and responsive digital marketing strategy.

Our ethos is to help you grow, not deliver a standalone service.

Why only provide a complete Agile Digital Marketing service?

We only work with B2B Startups and Small Businesses looking to grow rapidly. Depending on where you are in your growth cycle will determine which services you need right now and in the future.

However, in the early stages of growth, it is vital that your go-to-market messaging is consistent across all services (web, content and communication). Therefore, by taking responsibility for all your digital marketing activities we can guarantee clear and consistent messages to your target audience. It also means we can react at speed to any change in your business strategy.

Do I need to manage the SEM Marketing once implemented?


We take all the responsibility to create, manage and adjust your ads daily, therefore, ensuring you are maximising a return on your investment.

How do I know if the Search Engine Marketing service has been successful?

We provide you with regular progress reports on the results, as well as the adjustments we have made and why.

SEM Marketing can be costly, so we monitor it daily to keep it as cost-effective as possible for you.

Where can i find your package prices?

You can find our standard pricing packages here.

However, as we are an Agile Digital Marketing service, we tailor all packages around your specific needs and the budget you can afford.